How do I _

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How do I _
Scroll for answers.

The Answer To All
Your Crypto Problems.

Lets See
How It Works.

First We Will Buy Some Crypto in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Select Token.

2. Enter Amount.

3. And Confirm.

Welcome To
Crypto Universe!!!

Ok Quick!
I Am Standing In Line
For Groceries.

1. Scan The QR.

2. Enter Amount.

3. Select Currency.

4. Enter Pin.

5. And Confirm.

Wasn't That Easy?

Let's Try Bill Payments.

1. Enter Number.

2. Enter Amount.

3. Select Currency.

4. And Confirm.

Now Thats Crypto In Its
Full Potential.

Let Me Wrap This Up
Real Quick.

Its Almost Night Time.


The Crypto SuperApp.


Buy, Sell, Trade, Lend, Stake Crypto Safely & Securely.
We Store The Vast Majority Of The Digital Assets In Secure Offline Storage.


Accepted By Millions of Merchants Across Country. Send UPI Payments Using Crypto Of Your Choice Without Worrying About The Merchant Accepting Crypto.


Pay All Your Utility Bills, Mobile Bills & Recharge, DTH, Broadband/Wifi Bill, Credit Card Bill, Insurance, Education Fee, Fast Tag and so much more.


For Us Night Owls.

Track Your Portfolio

Send Money To Family & Friends

Trade Like A Pro

Track Your Expenses

We Just Bought Bitcoin,
Used It For Buying Groceries Using UPI
And Made A Mobile Bill Payment
In Under A Minute,
All Using Crypto.

And Thats Not All.

Electricity Bill.

Broadband Bill.

Mobile Recharge and Bills.

DTH Recharge.

Gas Bill.

Water Bill.

Credit Card Bill.

Fast Tag.

Insurance Premium.

Education Fee.

Lending & Staking.

B2B Payment Gateway.

NFT Marketplace.

And so much more.....

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